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For boys & girls 8 and under that are not yet ready for Mites, MYH has a cross ice team or teams, depending on registration numbers. It's a competitive Mite cross-ice program, structured on the USA Hockey American Development Model (ADM) model, to introduce game concepts in a small-area environment while building skill development. The team(s) have practice either 1 or 2 days per week and a game on Saturday afternoons. The season starts in September and runs into March and tuition is the same as the Mite teams and above.


Hi Cross Ice Parents,

Another year of hockey is upon us! 

The cross ice program begins Thursday at 5pm at the rink in West Roxbury.  It appears that weekly will be Thursday evenings and the rest of the schedule will post as ice time is divided.  Their is also an additional skills session scheduled for alternating Tuesdays at 4:10 at the Rodman Arena in Walpole.  I encourage you to check the website regularly as rinks and times may change due to rink commitments and other variables out of our control.  
Games will begin toward the end of October and will be at the Norfolk rink on Saturdays at either 4 or 5pm.  I anticipate another practice being added as well (probably Sundays).

There are coaches listed; however, it is a long season and the more help the better.  If anyone has interest in helping that would be most appreciated!  Just send me an email and I can add you to the roster.  At some point in the beginning of October, after the kids have a bunch of practices in, we will have a coaches' meeting and divide the kids into teams for the year.

For Thursday's practice, please have your child bring all their equipment - helmet with cage (or face shield), chest protector, gloves, elbow pads, hockey shorts, knee/shin guards, skates, socks, and practice jersey (any jersey will do as practice jerseys will be provided at some point) and hockey stick.  Neck guards are optional (but a good idea).

Don't worry if you have never outfitted your child for hockey before.  Other parents and coaches can teach you and then you get to practice like 100 times before the season ends - you will be an expert in no time.

Let me or one of the coaches know if you have any questions.