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Medfield Youth Hockey – Mite Program for the 2011/2012 Hockey Season
As we wind down the 2011 season and tryouts are finishing up, the Medfield Youth Hockey Board wanted to take an opportunity to send a quick update on what we see as exciting changes to the MYH - Mite program in 2012.  As most of you are aware, USA Hockey and MASS Hockey have implemented some new policies regarding “cross ice” requirements at the Mite Level.  The board has spent considerable time evaluating our options and discussing what the surrounding towns are doing in regards to these new policies. 
For anyone who has attended the coaching clinics or researched the topic, the ADM/cross ice model that is being mandated is a positive and exciting opportunity for Mite level hockey players (particularly those who are very young or are new to the game) to advance their hockey skills and enhance their overall fun/introduction to the game!  In speaking with other local programs who have already begun using the ADM/cross ice model – the feedback from kids and parents has all been very positive.  With this as the background – here are the “preliminary” plans that we will continue to finalize prior to start of the next season:
1)     Any player that will be a Mite next year who played full ice games this past year will play full ice games in 2011/2012 season unless there is a specific request from the parent to play cross ice.
2)     For the 2011/2012 season – we will attempt to dedicate on a weekly or bi-weekly basis an hour of practice time using the ADM/cross ice model for all Mites. This hour would not be incremental to the current practice schedule; rather it would replace a regularly scheduled team practice. These practices will be run by the coaches under the direction of our cross ice coordinator.  The benefits of this are twofold - it will help with each player’s skill development and also bring us in compliance with the USA/MASS Hockey requirements.  These practices will be scheduled for Sunday mornings at Norfolk Arena.  Based on league games – there will be some weeks where a team may not be scheduled.
3)     At the Mite C level – we are going to have one full ice team that plays in the Riverside League.  We are then going to have a “house team” that will play cross ice games.  The cross ice league scheduling is still being worked out with some of the surrounding towns, but it looks like these games will be Saturday afternoons in Norfolk.  Again, this puts Medfield in compliance with the USA/MASS Hockey requirements.
4)     During the course of the season – players will have some opportunity to move between the cross ice and full ice teams.  This will be worked out as the season progress and be dictated by what is best for each child based on skill level.  We will work with each family to be as accommodating as possible during this transition year.
5)     All Mites (and every player in Medfield Youth Hockey) will have the same amount of ice time during the course of the season and participate in the skills program that is offered as part of the Medfield Youth Hockey program and takes place at Iorio Arena though the Rob Barletta Hockey School.
We wanted to take this opportunity to communicate some of the frame work we are working towards finalizing.  We will send out additional communication as schedules are firmed up.  However we believe that this is a great opportunity for those who were just planning to participate in the Learn to Play program again next year to reconsider.  We believe that the ability to participate in a cross ice program will cater to the young players that are just beginning in hockey.  The difference between skating three times a week as a full-time player (even as a cross ice player) and skating once a week in the Learn to Play program is immeasurable. Your player will advance much quicker skating three days a week.
Thanks for your continued support of Medfield Youth Hockey!